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I saw this post on Moz-Solo a few months back
Hi, I'm Phil Brown
And not Phill Brown, the English engineer, I'm the American one.
I know I'm late to this but I never knew I was credited on the records-I never saw one-so I never knew anybody knew who did the edits.
Here's the story: From 1979 to 1984 I was an engineer for Warner Bros Records. After the studio closed I was a free lancer working at Kdisc doing much the same as I had done at Warners.
I know some of you think I'm a hack and some think I'm great but understand one thing: I never had approval of anything. Someone higher always approved my work. My understanding with The Smiths was Morrissey approved. I know it took some time to get the approvals. If somebody at Warners was approving it was a matter of hours so I must assume it went to him.
And since I loved The Smiths I tried to do as good a job as possible, distilling the song without altering its basic structure and content.Trust me it took a while and much experimentation to get what I considered a good edit. I like to think my work was pretty good because I rarely had a song returned to reedit.
I not only shortened songs, I lengthened and rearranged them for dance clubs.
I hope this answered some questions. Got more? I'm happy to answer them.
HERE http://www.morrissey-solo.com/threads/128197-Hi-I-m...light=phil+brown
No one replied @ Solo, He possibly has a few interesting tales to tell.
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Post 27-Sep-2013 14:15 (after 4 hours)


Didn't know anyone thought Phil Brown was great.
Well, other than Phil Brown the orange-faced mackem football manager who thought himself great when he managed Hull City.
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