1991-04-30_MORRISSEY - Brielpoort, Deinze (Belgium)

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Post 08-Nov-2007 17:00


Hello friends,
I just read the request of Stephane for this torrent.
I got it a few weeks ago from dime ...
I think the original-seeder is waterisnet ... but I'm not sure of that ...
I hope this torrent will work over here ...
Please be patient ... my upload-rate is very low ... if it works ... it will go slower than slow ... :cry: :cry:
Here is the original textfile I leeched with the music from dime:
Brielpoort, Deinze (Belgium)
30 April 1991
01. intro
02. Interesting Drug
03. Mute Witness
04. The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
05. November Spawned A Monster
06. Will Never Marry
07. Sing Your Life
08. Asian Rut
09. Pregnant For The Last Time
10. King Leer
11. Everyday Is Like Sunday
12. Our Frank (/tape flip on AUD #2)
13. That's Entertainment (/tape flip on AUD #1)
14. I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
15. Piccadilly Palare
16. Suedehead (fades out on the FM tape)
17. (encore break)
Encore 1
18. Trash
Encore 2
19. Cosmic Dancer (not on the FM tape)
20. Disappointed (not on the FM tape)
Third stop on the "Kill Uncle Tour" and the first live performance of Morrissey in Belgium since the Smiths' appearance on the bill of the Breekend Festival, in 1984. Oh, and my first taste of Morrissey in prime live action as well!
You get three sources for the price of one:
- two different audience recordings which I acquired shortly after the concert took place, both of them 2nd generation copies;
- my own master recording of the FM broadcast on Flemish, and Dutch speaking, radio station "Studio Brussel". This is to be distinguished from another broadcast on Walloon, and French speaking, radio station "Radio 21". Apparently, the latter managed to broadcast the entire concert, except "Cosmic Dancer" (but I have never heard this source myself). Not so the nitwits from Studio Brussel - oh no, sir, not them... They saw it fit to interrupt the broadcast of the concert recording halfway through for a live interview that had absolutely nothing to do with the concert and that went on and on and on, as a result of which they had to fade out Suedehead and drop the second encore entirely. That, plus the fact that they messed up the order of the setlist (as you can tell yourselves from the audience tapes), coaxed a litany of curses from my lips at the time - but then again, our national Flemish speaking radio stations have done as much for the cause of live rock music broadcasting as your favourite African warlord for the Red Cross movement. But I digress...
Because the FM-recording is incomplete and out of order, I have decided to throw in the two audience recordings I have of this concert. Neither of them is perfect (I will not start about the dreadful acoustics in the Brielpoort), but they both have their merits. I'll post a few samples, and then you can use the bittorrent client of your choice to select the source(s) you wish to download. Easy as that!
More details on this concert can be found here: http://www.passionsjustlikemine.com/moz-b.htm. The audience recordings do help to settle the burning issue whether Morrissey lost his little ring after "November..." or "That's Entertainment".
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Post 08-Nov-2007 18:20 (after 1 hour 19 minutes)


thanks stubs
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Post 08-Nov-2007 19:30 (after 1 hour 10 minutes)


this is an amazing torrent, thanks
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Post 09-Nov-2007 06:52 (after 11 hours)


It's a missing for me, so thank you!
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Post 17-Dec-2007 14:42 (after 1 month 8 days)


don't know how I missed this :P
many thanks!
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Post 06-Jul-2019 14:11 (after 11 years)


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Post 09-Jul-2019 09:29 (after 2 days 19 hours)


I was at this show! Thanks to the last seeder for keeping this torrent alive, much appreciated :)
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