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I have been contacted by bootlegger Chris Adams who has information about the infamous audio recording of the Smiths' final live date. Some of the info will go up on "Passions Just Like Mine", but not all of it fits there. Because I know many of you are interested in lineage and recording devices, I thought I would post here whatever I won't put up on PJLM, so the info still gets out there to people who are interested. Here's what Chris had to say regarding this recording:
The recorder of the "mixing desk" quality audio of the 12/12/86 Smiths
Brixton show was Mark T who was employed to do this by Fat Alex (aka Big Al). I
have a first gen TDK SA of said recording, which I obtained from Alex but I've
no idea if it is rare in this generation or not. The master went to Spain
with Fat Alex 6-7 years ago and is now "lost".
(about Mark T the recorder)
He was able to achieve what many
took to be a soundboard recording by simply placing his mic mere inches from the
speaker bins at the left-hand side of the stage and knocking the record
level on his Walkman D6C to a bare minimum to avoid distortion. The hiss you can
hear in the background f the recording is the customary hiss that one hears
coming from speaker bins when you get too close up to them!
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Still going is Chris? I was buying Smiths boots off him almost 20 years ago!
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