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iisaphd ®

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Post 17-Jan-2009 09:35


First, I would like to say that I love this site. I have been a long time fan of the Smiths (22+ years), but only discovered torrents recently. Until now, my collection of bootlegs was limited to what I could find at local dealers. However, with the aid of this site, I have literally opened a new door to being able to hear/see Smiths/Morrissey works. I am lucky in that I have a new HDD with about 700GB still free. As I am working my way down the list of items that are currently seeded, I am wondering what is the best way to request the shows that are no longer seeded. I will seed anything I download in perpetuity assuming that I will always have the disk space to do so, so anything you all can help me out with should help the entire community.
If I make requests to this thread, would that be a good way of increasing the seeding? I realise that many of you do not have the disk space that I have, but think that you would understand how giving a quick seed to someone with the ability to seed for a long time would help us all. I currently have two servers seeding most of the items that I have downloaded, and I plan on keeping it this way as long as possible.
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the Flea

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Post 17-Jan-2009 11:39 (after 2 hours 3 minutes)


Asking for a seed in the actual thread the torrent comes from can help. Also asking for a seed via the PM (private messages) system is sometimes effective. I have about 90% of what's shared on the The Smiths side of things on this site so can and usually do seed whatever I can when somebody asks. Steve on the other hand has everything The Smiths have ever done, and it wouldn't suprise me if he has stuff The Smiths didn't know they did LOL.
Asking for a seed of another torrent in this thread isn't the best way of moving forward but it can't hurt.
I've just looked at your profile and you're currently seeding over 50 torrents whilst leeching another 10. It would be more beneficial to people if you were to concentrate on seeding those torrents not already seeded. Unless you've got an industrial pipeline, what you are doing isn't particularly helpful believe it or not. Anyone wanting what you alone are seeding at this moment in time, isn't going to get much more than 1kB/ps.
Knock a few of the seeded torrents on the head and give more bandwidth to those not seeded. Cheers :)
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