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All comments taken from an online review of the box set.
Brixton Academy, London, England - December 12th, 1986
Fighting Cocks, Birmingham, England - June 3rd, 1983
Radio 1, Saturday live - April 14th, 1984 (With Sandie Shaw)
Brixton Academy, London, England - December 12th, 1986:
Bigmouth Strikes Again,
Miserable Lie,
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others,
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side,
Shoplifters Of The World Unite,
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out,
Is It Really So Strange,
Cemetery Gates,
This Night Has Opened My Eyes,
Still ill,
The Queen Is Dead,
William It Was Really Nothing,
Hand In Glove.
Fighting Cocks, Birmingham, England - June 3rd, 1983:
Wonderful Woman,
These Things Take Time,
I Don’t Owe You Anything,
Hand In Glove.
Radio 1, Saturday live - April 14th, 1984: I Don’t Owe You Anything (with Sandie Shaw)
Source-Songs That Changed Your Life Boot (Silver CD)
The December 12th, 1986 Brixton Academy show was a benefit for the Artists Against Apartheid. It was originally set for November 14th at the Royal Albert Hall but had to be rescheduled due to Johnny’s car accident. And except for a few television appearances this is the final Smith’s live show and is the opposite of their previous appearance at Brixton Academy in October where there were many tensions.
The tape for this show is a very good to excellent audience recording taped very close to the stage which first surfaced on the 2LP vinyl release Royal Command Performance. This release came from a high generation tape, sounding muffled and missing ”Ask”, “Bigmouth Strikes Again”, “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” and “Is It Really So Strange?” Compact disc releases include Somebody Waved Goodbye, Never Had No One Ever and The Final Gig. The master cassette has since been lost, but Double Decker use a very low generation copy with really nice sound.
It starts off with a near-complete opening tape of Take Me Back To Dead Old Blighty. It is complete except that “The Queen Is Dead” is spliced in from another tape source. Delivering a lively performance, witnesses could see much fun and happiness on stage. During “Still Ill,” Marr moved next to Andy and Morrissey joined them. They could be seen smiling and laughing as if they were in on some inside joke.
After the opening tape they start off with “Ask.” Mike teases the audience with the drum beat to “Panic” before “Bigmouth Strikes Again” which was extended with a longer intro. At the end of “London,” the following song, the band plays the songs bridge into the fast-tempo outro to “Miserable Lie.”
“Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others” was the only song from The Queen Is Deadwhich had never been played live before. Its performance in this show the only time. Morrissey adds an additional verse, singing: “On the shop floor, there’s a calendar, as obvious as snow, as if we didn’t know.” A few songs later, the soon to be released “Shoplifters Of The World Unite” was introduced with “This is our new single…”
“This Night Has Opened My Eyes” which hadn’t been played in a long time was also performed. Finally, “William, It Was Really Nothing” and the live staple “Hand In Glove” which had been dropped on the recent British leg of the “The Queen Is Dead” tour also returned. The Smiths then returned for a final two-song encore. The last of these was “Hand In Glove.” It ends with Morrissey wailing in a high pitched voice for about 20 seconds. The Smiths didn’t know it at the time, but with its final line “I’ll probably never see you again,” “Hand In Glove,” the band’s first ever release, is a fitting finale.
The Brixton tape with The Smith’s final gig is followed by a soundboard fragment of one their earliest Smiths gig. The recording from Fighting Cocks in Birmingham was also released on Reel Around The Fountain and Wilde About The Smiths, both of with are more complete than Songs That Changed Your Life.
The tape picks up more than halfway through the set with the new song “Wonderful Woman.” This performance contains minor lyrical differences than the studio take released on “This Charming Man” single, such as ”I ask myself / What to be said of her?” was still “Ah answer me / what do be done with her.”
Morrissey introduces “These Things Take Time” with “Four very sad words, a sad fact of life, ‘These Things Take Time.’” And before “Hand In Glove” he thanks the audience and continues by saying that “this is our first single which is actually charted. It’s number 70 this week. Next week higher.” In the song, instead of singing “but we have something they’ll never have,” Morrissey sings “we have something they never had,” which was common on the early tours.
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And thank you kindly, yet again.
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