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Post 08-Mar-2013 16:22


(sorry if this breaks the rules from lack of content)
I just wanted to say THANK YOU to whomever maintains this site and to all the uploaders and seeders. :D
The content of this site is just astounding. Like many of you here, I'm a victim of The Smiths. It's been a long time obsessive adventure and all these live gigs are "the last piece of my puzzle". I am just loving it. I had the major sets like Rockpalast, Hacienda and the Derby etc but having access to hundreds of live gigs is just a real treat and this is really helping me get through my long days at work.
Although lots of these gigs were ripped from tapes, they are still just such a treat. Lots of these live songs seems to be played a bit slower, faster or more unique fashions then the studio versions so many of these gigs are Peel Sessions in themselves imo. Do you feel me on that or am I just retarded ? Still Ill and What difference Does It Make are songs that really stick out to me when played live and I'm always so excited to hear it when I pull up a new show.
But yeah... Thank you people. I'm very grateful. It takes a lot to throw something this great together and to see a community of people all working hard to see it happen is awesome. :D
Quick question. I'm hope to download every gig (and almost everything on the site Smiths related) and I would love to seed it out and contribute to this. I'm using vuze and If I leave my Vuze open all day then that should allow seeding right ? If it's saying "qued" is it still up for seeding ? Any input is much appreciated. Thanks.
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Post 08-Mar-2013 18:42 (after 2 hours 19 minutes)


Thank you for taking the time to write. It's been a fun project. It's been helped by the fact that Soundsville Steve and Paul shared so many of their masters and by the fact that Smiths fans seem an obsessive bunch. Every now and then, when you think things have settled down, a 25 year old rarity shows up: unreleased demos or Troy Tate masters, for instance.
The Smiths part of this site is around 330GB. In theory you could get it all, but it would take a while since many shows aren't well seeded. If you're in the UK, then I'll put a HD in the post for you. Contents of which are here.
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Post 16-Mar-2013 13:11 (after 7 days)


If you see a show that isn't being seeded post a message on it. When I moved to a new computer a year or so ago I lost my seeds. Every week or two I return to the site, look at the new posts, and make sure to seed those shows that are being asked for.
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