Seeding issues with Transmission [MAC 10.9]

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jam007 ®

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Post 07-Mar-2014 22:15


For some reason the torrents I downloaded last night are not seeding when done which is causing me not to be able to download other Smiths torrents. I haven't moved or changed anything but my other torrents from another website are seeding just fine. Adding a screen shot to see if anybody can help. THANKS.
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fab eberhard

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Post 07-Mar-2014 23:10 (after 54 minutes)


it may be a matter of no one is downloading the torrents you are now able to seed. i have had torrents lay dormant for quite some time. next thing you know, you have shared it "x" number of times. patience would be my first suggestion. esp. if other torrents on the same client work fine. cheers...
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Post 12-Mar-2014 00:21 (after 4 days)


Don't see a screenshot, but I'm guessing fab eberhard is correct: There's just no one leeching at the moment. Keep it seeding in Transmission and eventually someone will likely want it.
After I first joined here (relatively recently) it took a while to get my ratio up to, and then beyond 1.0. I too am using Transmission on Mac OS X 10.9.
So just wait and it will take care of itself.
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Post 12-Mar-2014 00:32 (after 11 minutes)


I tried downloading something from you jam007 and it worked fine.
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