The man suspected of gambling lose naked bike shop friends to supervise (Figure)

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Fuzhou ocean road now naked bike suspected by watching the ball lost the bet of the day before yesterday, harmony in Fuzhou Le Grand Large Hotel to Gushan direction of Ocean Road,Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Coins presented the "eyes" of the scene: a young man in nature's garb, riding a shabby tricycle, in the vehicle along the road with a leisurely. A curious driver stepped forward and asked, the original, is the young man lost the bet. Naked man riding a tricycle, shocked passers-by days of summer, you are too lazy to go out to the sun. However, the day before yesterday afternoon about four thirty, harmony in Fuzhou Le Grand Large Hotel to Gushan direction of Ocean Road, the naked man riding a tricycle, so sure you are interested in out of onlookers. At that time, the side of the passers-by to see this "naked king", some people talked about while Yan mouth steal to smile. There is speculation, the lad estimation is just from the cold Antarctic back, it can not adapt to Fuzhou's hot climate, so naked. There are some female passer, really could not open, run fast. Bare rides shopping, because only bet more curious drivers slow down, the car passengers could not come up with mobile phone, for this scene photograph. Among them, Mr. Jiang sat in a car in the back seat when, also talk with the naked man. Mr. Jiang said, after the conversation, the man mentally normal, when Mr. Jiang asked him: "you Is it right? Stimulation by what?" The naked guy replied lost the bet. Mr Jiang asks again: "Is it right? Gambling FIFA 14 World Cup bet?" The young man did not speak, just smile. According to Mr. Jiang to understand that, the original of this riding naked manner, is the boy friend and losing a bet price, his friend to let him naked, borrow the tricycle, riding on the street. Mr. Jiang guess, this guy streaking, estimates are watching the FIFA 14 World Cup bet provoked woe. According to Mr. Jiang said, at that time, this naked boy friend, also drove him to "swim naked" supervision on the side, the car friends laugh. Netizen: let the woman too much to handle later, Mr. Jiang will be filmed this scene to Micro message circle of friends, there are a lot of Micro message friends commented: "it is so hot?" "Naked guy, you so Ben, your family know?" The netizen says: "I said, this man ah, accept the spirit is worth to advocate, however, show these beautiful 'landscape' in the car galloped lane, really a bit dangerous." Also the netizen be poker-faced said: "you naked, let the female human feelings and why ah, be careful not carefully to play rascal." (southeast express Liu Xing)
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