The Smiths - Spanish Sun [Vinyl LP, Crazy-Col Remaster 2014]

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The Smiths - Spanish Sun [Vinyl LP, Crazy-Col Remaster 2014]
Source Vinyl LP
Track List:-
01 - How Soon Is Now?
02 - Handsome Devil
03 - That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
04 - Shakespeare's Sister
05 - Rusholme Ruffians
06 - Hand In Glove
07 - Meat Is Murder
08 - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
09 - Miserable Lie
10 - Barbarism Begins At Home
Vinyl LP > Systemdek IIX Turntable > Systemdek Arm > Linn K9 Cartridge >
Sony Minidisc MDS JE320 [Recording] > Sony Minidisc MDS-JB940 [Playback] > WAV >
Audacity [Track Split/Normalize/Remove DC Offset] > Sony Soundforge [Click/Cracle Removal] >
Izotope Mastering Suite [Remastering] > Audacity [Editing/Fade Outs] > Wavelab 6 [Pan Normalize] >
Fairstars Audio Converter [Wav To Flac Conversion (Level 8)] > Smiths Torrent > You
Remastering Notes:-
This was very "harsh" sounding & over bright & at times distorted,
I have corrected (to the best of my ability) this with the remastering,
it is much improved but I would have liked it better still.
Basically with the remastering I took out a lot of the higher frequencies that were causing the problems,
as a result the drums are a little soft & the cymbals don't crash like they should.
The distorted & harsh sounding guitars & vocals are calmed down,
some remains but overall a big improvement.
The bass comes through very nicely.
No noise reduction was needed.
If i was rating my efforts i would say 8/10,
maybe one day I will have acquired the equipment & skillset to make this even better, till then this is it!
The only other issue is that the last track "Barbarism Begins At Home" fades out.
Obviously they ran out of grooves!
Or some other reason that they alone know...
There are some (rather rubbish) photos of the LP, sorry for there quality (or lack of it),
if anyone has better ones please post/share.
Talking of the photos you are reading the labels correctly!
They do say "The Jones Band"!!
I have no idea, anyone who knows please tell!
**Please don't profit (sell) this, freely has it been given to you, so please do likewise.**
**By all means share/swap/seed [especiaaly seed!] but don't sell.**
If you want to convert it to a lossy format who am I to tell you no?
You will do it anyway!
If you do please keep the bit rate as high as you can (320 ideally),
if more people get to hear and enjoy it then all the better,
but please keep these notes with any sharing that you do, thanks.
Ripped, Remastered & Seeded October 2014 by Crazy-Col, For All @ Smiths Torrents.
Made In England.
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thanks :D !
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