The Smiths - Arts Centre, Poole, 6th March 1985 [Remaster]

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The Smiths - Arts Centre, Poole, 6th March 1985 [Remaster]
Source Audience Recording.
Set List:-
01 - Intro
02 - William, It Was Really Nothing
03 - I Want The One I Can't Have
04 - What She Said
05 - Handsome Devil
06 - How Soon Is Now?
07 - Shakespeare's Sister
08 - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
09 - That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
10 - Reel Around The Fountain
11 - Rusholme Ruffians
12 - Hand In Glove
13 - The Headmaster Ritual
14 - Nowhere Fast
15 - Still Ill
16 - Meat Is Murder
17 - Miserable Lie
Remaster Lineage:-
Original FLACS From Here > Soundforge > EQ > Exciter > Imager > Reverb > Limiter > U
Tapers Notes:-
So down to Poole.
By this time as well as Paul and Me, we'd picked up 3 other regular passengers.
Jo, who was a big fan of Johnny's and who we'd initially met at Chippenham,
and 2 Japanese girls whose names I can't remember anymore.
Jo had a history of following the Smiths around and had been to quite a few of the 1984 English dates, so she was a bit of a veteran.
The Japanese girls used to turn up at the start of each tour and then disappear afterwards.
Those 3 were with us pretty much right through until late 1986.
As well as them we were starting to recognise a number of regular fans who would turn up at every venue.
By the Scottish tour later in the year there would be a band of regulars,
which made the travelling and hanging around waiting much more bearable.
The venue at Poole was down by the sea.
I remember hearing the soundcheck sitting in the car park round the back ...
although with the combination of being outside and the wind off the sea, it was quite hard to make out what songs they were playing.
I think it was here that I first heard them playing bigmouth.
Even with the muffled sound it sounded quite different to all the other songs.
Going to to many of the shows, you got to hear the songs grow, which was interesting.
Actually our experience was probably the opposite of most peoples,
as we got used to the live versions of songs before we heard the recorded version a lot of the time.
I remember being destinctly unimpressed with the recorded version of Ask when it came out,
having loved the version they were playing live, which was much more jangly and urgent.
But that was much later ... Paul had recorded the Gloucester Soundcheck in 1984 from outside the venue ...
its not great quality and you can hear cars driving by ... but it would have been impossible here.
The show itself is a blank.
Only I recorded this show ... Paul had obviously decided to enjoy a gig for a change.
As usual it was recorded using a Sony Professional Walkman with Sony EMC-929LT Mic onto Metal tape.
Remaster Notes:-
Spent a while getting this sorted out but it was worth all the time spent on it.
You can do an A/B comparison with the original to see what I mean.
This is my best effort by far.
As they said on jazz club "Nice..."
My thanks go to the taper & smiths torrents without whom this wouldn't have happened.
Remastered by CC for all at Smiths Torrents March 2015
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guess we'll have go...
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Thank you! I don't have the facility to download at the moment but I'm looking forward to hearing it.
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Sounds great, Thank You. Nice..
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Thanks ! :D
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