Morrissey 2006.12.18 Hamburg

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Post 11-Jan-2007 18:58


Thanks to the taper for this great recording.
Well, in the end the mp3/lossless debate will disappear. Hard drives will get bigger. Internet connections will get faster. May be some new lossless encoding will allow smaller size files... and mp3 won't be needed any longer. Just a question of time. Meanwhile, the minimum respect should be given to those working hard to tape and share these shows with the community.
Tapers, when you share a recording, you know that there will always be some Sictransitgloriamundi sitting around. As a matter of fact, no matter what your request is, most shows will be cut into pieces, will end into mp3 and/or reseeded without proper credits displayed. Don't even dare asking for a thank you note. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do about it.
That being said, this shouldn't stop you from sharing. Think about how many happy and thankfull people you're making when you do. I'd say the majority of Morrissey music lovers. By just sitting on your own lossless recording, you're punishing the wrong people. Sictransitgloriamundi and others can always go and get some crappy mp3 anywhere else. We can't as much as they do...
Taping could be compared as taking a picture. The photograph doesn't own the landscape but the picture is his own (It takes a lot to get it right). The taper didn't play the music, right, but it is HIS recording (What many people have trouble to accept).
Anyway... just wanted to say thanks to all you guys sharing great recordings.
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Post 21-Jul-2007 14:17 (after 6 months 9 days)


if somebody can seeding this..... :cry:
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Post 27-Aug-2007 19:02 (after 1 month 6 days)


Many thanks!
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